Tel Aviv Like no other Incentive

Tel Aviv
Like no other Incentive

Like no other Incentive
Israel’s consummate metropolis, its commercial, cultural and entertainment center, alive and throbbing 24 hours a day - welcome to Tel Aviv, “The City that Never Sleeps.”
Popular travel guide Lonely Planet has ranked Tel Aviv among the world’s top 10 most action-packed and vibrant cities (along with Berlin, Las Vegas, Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Havana, Lisbon, Montreal, Istanbul and Budapest), listing it in its “Ultimate Party Cities” and “Top Ten Hedonist City Breaks” nightlife categories. It has also marked Tel Aviv as the world’s third most-attractive tourism destination.
Travel publication CondeNast has ranked Tel Aviv and its White City Bauhaus architecture as one of top 10 recommended architecture destinations. Airnb designated the city as a top-10 travel destinations just a few years ago, at the same time GayCities, a popular gay tourism site, crowned it as the world’s best gay tourism destination, and it also has listed Tel Aviv’s Hilton Beach as one of the 10 best beaches in the world for the for LGBT community. Both Yahoo! and have included the Gordon-Fishman Beach on their list of “10 Great Urban Beaches” Tel Aviv was placed fifth on MasterCard’s roster of the 10 most visited cities in the Middle East and Africa, and the Travelers Digest has named it one of the 10 top cities in terms of attractive men and women.
The Independent (London) has ranked it seventh on its list of recommended City Break holidays; National Geographic has selected it as one of the world’s top 10 beach cities;

According to Stab, Australia’s leading surfing magazine, Tel Aviv is among the world’s best 10 cities for surfers. Newsweek (New York) has included it in a list of the world’s top 10 cities for nightlife; USA Today named Tel Aviv the best beach party spot on the planet; Drinks International voted the cocktail bar at the Imperial Hotel, Tel Aviv as the Best Bar in Africa and the Middle East for 2014.
The Miami Herald has written of the city as “... one of the hottest green destinations,” and Conde Nast Traveler recently crowned Tel Aviv as the city with “…the world’s best vegetarian food.” Tel Aviv was ranked the world’s second “Most Innovative City,” in an Internet poll sponsored by the marketing department of the Wall Street Journal - ahead of New York City - and the New York Times has referred to it as “The Capital of Cool”. The list just keeps on growing! Not long ago, U.S. food and recipe publication Saveur named Tel Aviv an outstanding culinary destination in several categories in its annual Culinary Travel Awards - in the Best Culinary Destination category for small international cities (sharing second place), in Best Markets and Shops, and in Best In-flight Wine Program (thanks to El Al’s wine list). In addition, the Israeli designers of Pastel Brasserie and Bar at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art have won the 2014 International Space Design Award– Idea Tops for he world’s best-designed restaurant, and Jetsetter , a U.S. upmarket tourism publication, named Tel Aviv’s Norman Hotel as the best boutique hotel in the world!
Hugging the shores of Israel’s Mediterranean Coast, where most of its luxurious hotels are situated, Tel Aviv
Like no other Incentive
Like no other Incentive
beckons 24 hours a day. Clean, sandy, easily accessible beaches, marinas and seaside promenade, the wide range of watersports activities, framed by the warm waters of the sea to swim and frolic in most days of the year, define one significant aspect of the city’s unique character as a fascinating and dynamic resort metropolis.
The Mediterranean shore in the Greater Tel Aviv area, stretching from upmarket Herzliya, with its modern marina, north of the city, to Rishon LeZion in the south, features kilometers galore of clean, supervised beachfront and a vortex of activity all the year round.
Complementing the loveliness of the seashore, a range of water sports is readily available, including scuba diving for both beginners and experienced divers:
lessons for neophytes and - for the more experienced - the marine life beneath Jaffa Port, where a sunken Israeli navy boat is a major attraction. Other water sports options include snorkeling, deep sea fishing, surfing, kitesurfing and water skiing, with sailing boats, kayaks and fishing and water sports equipment available for rental.
The promenade in the city itself, which extends along the Tel Aviv shoreline from the Hayarkon Estuary in the North to the entrance to Old Jaffa in the South - the stretch of beachfront along which most of the city’s major hotels are located - is always alive with strollers, joggers, vendors, musicians and mimes, and lots of fun. Restaurants and snack bars are ever-present along the promenade. The Tel Aviv Marina can berth 300 sailboats and yachts - with many more available in similar facilities in Jaffa and Herzliya.

For those preferring not to get their feet wet, may enjoy a sedate evening excursion out of Jaffa Port beckons,
Like no other Incentive

complete with a few cocktails on the deck of a cruiser as you watch the sun set into the Mediterranean Sea. Groups with more time on their hands may decide to charter a yacht and sail out of Tel Aviv along the coast, to the ancient picturesque seaport of Acre in the North, for example. Winds in Israel are particularly good in the spring and fall and in the late afternoons during the summer months, and the Mediterranean Sea is a sailor’s paradise.

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