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Tel Aviv is the place to spend 36 hours

TEL AVIV IS THE PLACE TO SPEND 36 HOURS ACCORDING TO THE NEW YORK TIMES AND THE TELEGRAPH, UK As 2015 ended and 2016 begins, both the New York Times and the Telegraph, UK recommended spending 36 hours in Tel Aviv. With so many additional flights, many of them low-cost, flying into Tel Aviv from Europe in particular, the idea of spending just a [...] Read more

Why Tel Aviv has the best vegetarian food in the world

CONDE NAST TRAVELER: WHY TEL AVIV HAS THE BEST VEGETARIAN FOOD IN THE WORLD! Tel Aviv, the city recognized for its Bauhaus architectural treasures by UNESCO, applauded by the young and young-at-heart as the city that never sleeps and renowned for its long stretch of sandy beaches and Mediterranean blue seas, now has another accolade to add to its [...] Read more

“thrillist” ranks florentin as the second most hipster neighborhood in the world

“THRILLIST” RANKS TEL AVIV’S FLORENTIN NEIGHBORHOOD AS THE SECOND MOST HIPSTER NEIGHBORHOOD IN THE WORLD. Thrillist recently posted the ten most hipster neighborhoods on earth, stating that although the neighborhood of Williamsburg, NY takes the number one spot, the USA certainly does not have the only say on “hip”. The Israeli neighborhood of [...] Read more

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week International Conference & Expo 21st – 22nd November 2015, 9am – 6pm TLVGAFO Conference is a unique, large-scale international event led by Shine Conferences, specialized in Gaming, Affiliation and Fintech industry, in collaboration with GEW: Global Entrepreneurs Week, Israel Ministry of Tourism and StartIsrael, [...] Read more

Hover high over Tel Aviv in the TLV Balloon

TLV BALLOON - HOVER OVER TEL AVIV IN A HOT-AIR BALLOON THE NEWEST TOURIST ATTRACTION IN THE CITY THAT DOESN’T SLEEP! The newest attraction for tourists in Tel Aviv is the hot air balloon that flies high above Tel Aviv in the Ganei Yehoshua Park giving spectacular views of the city and the Sharon coastal region by day and by night. TLV Balloon is a [...] Read more

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Tel Aviv est la ville la plus animée d’Israël, avec une variété infinie de services et de divertissement ouverts jour et nuit. Nous avons également un large choix d’hôtels à Tel Aviv: à vous de choisir. Que vous soyez intéressé par une ambiance de plage ou un centre d’affaires, un hôtel traditionnel ou un pensé autour d’un concept.

Tel-Aviv City Break Program


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