Mediterranean Beach Fantasy
For larger groups, Tel Aviv's broad sandy beaches present an ideal opportunity for intense partying. In season, there are areas of the beach where the Association for Tourism Tel Aviv-Jaffa will help close off a strip of the seashore where you might want to erect a large tent filled with straw mats and/or mattresses, chaise lounges, snack tables, nargilas (water pipes), a massage chair and whatever else strikes your fancy. We'll provide towels and the beachfront hotels can provide catering - or else choose your own. Start early with a swim and a selection of water sports options and competitions for the group, followed by a sundowner cocktail party, while a samba ensemble provides the upbeat entertainment and couples who choose can drift off hand in hand to enjoy the Mediterranean sunset from an intimate spot on the sand. As evening falls, a beach barbecue is the perfect culinary complement. Hire a DJ, light a giant beach bonfire and keep up the good cheer under the moonlight until the last person leaves - well into the wee hours of the night, we can assure you!


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