Welcome to Tel Aviv, one of the world's most unique seaside metropolises, a combination of beach, culture, activities, nightlife and just plain fun!

The Mediterranean shore in the Greater Tel Aviv area, stretching from upmarket Herzliya, north of the city - Israel's "Silicon Valley" with its modern marina - to Bat Yam in the south, features kilometers of clean, supervised beachfront and a vortex of activity all the year-round; however, there is much more to do here than merely enjoy the wonderful beaches and sea. A range of water sports is readily available, including scuba diving for both beginners and experienced divers: lessons for neophytes and - for the more experienced - the marine life beneath Jaffa Port, where a sunken Israeli navy boat is a major attraction. Other water sports options include surfing, snorkeling, kitesurfing and water skiing, with sailing boats, kayaks and water sports equipment available for rental.

The promenade, which extends along the Tel Aviv shoreline from the Hayarkon Estuary in the North to the entrance to Old Jaffa in the South - the stretch of beachfront along which most of the city's major hotels are located - is always alive with strollers, joggers, vendors, musicians and mimes, and lots of fun. Restaurants and snack bars are ever-present along the promenade and the waters of the Mediterranean are shared by swimmers and "dippers," surfers, windsurfers, boaters and the like. The Tel Aviv Marina can berth 300 sailboats and yachts - with many more available in similar facilities in Jaffa and Herzliya.

For those who prefer not to get their feet wet, a sedate evening excursion out of Jaffa Port beckons, complete with a few cocktails on the deck of a cruiser and as you watch the sun set into the Mediterranean Sea. Groups with more time on their hands may prefer to charter a yacht and sail out of Tel Aviv along the coast, to the ancient picturesque seaport of Acre in the North. Winds in Israel are particularly good in the spring and fall and in the late afternoons during the summer months, and the Mediterranean Sea is a sailor's paradise.
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