The City That Never Sleeps

Entertainment and action galore for revelers and vacationers of every stripe - that's Tel Aviv, proud to live up to its distinction as "The City That Never Sleeps." Throughout Tel Aviv, many pubs and bars open early in the afternoon and don't close until an hour or two before dawn. Many feature live music at least once a week - everything from "dance" and "house" to Middle Eastern, reggae to rock, and jazz to blues.
Night clubs and dance clubs open their doors around 11 pm or midnight and rarely close before 3 or 4 - if then! Ethnic nightclubs draw patrons of all ages and feature performers and entertainers from just about every community making up the city's complex social fabric. Artists presenting repertoires that reflect the entertainment culture of Turkey, Iran, Greece, Israel, and Russia abound in Tel Aviv, especially in Jaffa and the "Little Tel Aviv district in the north of the city, but not only there.
After midnight the serious nightlife scene begins, as Tel Aviv's younger residents in particular flock to the dance clubs in south Tel Aviv and Allenby Street, or, in the summer, to the beaches and the Tel Aviv and Jaffa ports, where the partying often continues until after dawn. One significant focus of late-night action in south Tel Aviv is Lilienblum St. and the surrounding area, with their ever growing number of bars, bistros and restaurants.   Neve Tzedek, not far away, is another focal point for night life.

One more area of the city that also has been developing as a hub for nightlife, dining and fun is farther north, located between the old Tel Aviv Port and the Hayarkon Estuary. Elsewhere in Tel Aviv too, newer nightspot areas are also developing - and the number of clubs and discos in the city, spotlighting just about every type of music to dance to, has transformed it into a center of entertainment and merriment that is second to none and has been earning a reputation abroad as well as at home..

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