Jaffa On The Mediterranean

One particular "must" for shopping aficionados - and who isn't ?! - is Old Jaffa's Shuk Hapishpeshim (flea market), at the entrance to nearby Jaffa, southeast of its prominent Turkish clock tower. During the daytime, a few hours spent there will reveal a colorful cross-section of humanity and a fascinating hodge-podge of (mostly) second-hand merchandise of every type and description. This is one place where bargain-hunters will have a grand time and antiques and knick-knacks can sometimes be scooped up for a song.


Jaffa: Tel Aviv's Ancient Sister
According to Christian legend, Jaffa was named after Noah's son Japhet, who built the city after the Flood. Others believe that the name derives from the Hebrew word "Yofi" - beauty. From archeological discoveries and ancient documents we learn that Jaffa existed as a port city some 4000 years ago, serving Egyptian and Phoenician sailors in their sea voyages. Relics that have been found nearby predate this period by a further 16,000 years.

Historians believe that Jaffa is the only port city in the world that can boast uninterrupted inhabitation throughout its entire existence. In biblical times it became the gateway to the Land of Israel. From here the Lebanese cedars needed to build King Solomon's Temple were unloaded and Jaffa was the place from which the prophet Jonah set sail on his ill-fated voyage. Despite being the port closest to Jerusalem there are no sites sacred to Judaism in Jaffa, but the ancient settlement was important in the development of early Christianity.


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