Rich and varied, with something for everyone's budget and taste, dining in Tel Aviv is surely a moveable feast, and visitors to the city with an eye - or a stomach - for memorable culinary experiences will enjoy moving from one fine restaurant to another, day after day during their stay, and feel utter contentment. French, Moroccan, Iraqi, Italian, steak, seafood, Arabic, Mexican, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Eastern European/Jewish and much more - restaurants reflecting a world of culinary wonders and the scores of countries and regions back to which Israelis trace their roots. Dining in Tel Aviv is also an experience in delight. In restaurants, dinner crowds rarely start to arrive before 9 in the evening, and the great majority is open until at least midnight, or 1 am. From the luxurious dining rooms of the five star hotels, to family-run humous establishments in the Yemenite Quarter, to the small and intimate bistros in Florentine, to the tantalizing variety of meat skewers charcoal grilled in the Hatikvah neighborhood, Tel Aviv dining offers unexpected gastronomic pleasures.



For people keeping kosher while staying in Tel Aviv, the major luxury hotels are a good place to start, where intense competition for the sophisticated tourist and his dollar has raised the level of quality to truly international standards. Featuring chefs of amazing talent, the menus they offer range anywhere from classic "grill" style, to modern ethnic, to trendy fusion cuisine. When Jewish dietary laws are not an issue, detailing choices from among the many truly excellent restaurants in Israel is beyond the scope of this short introduction. However, what seems to distinguish an excellent Israeli restaurant from one that is merely good is a sense of imagination and flair, particularly among the young generation of chefs, a growing number of whom have worked with master chefs all over the world and have even run well-received restaurants abroad before returning to Israel.
So dine till you can't even think of eating more. It's easy to feast in Tel Aviv till you drop.




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