Shopping in Tel Aviv

Shopping in Tel Aviv

Israel’s cosmopolitan nerve center, the heart of its commerce, the focus of sea, entertainment and fun, Tel Aviv is a haven for shoppers as well, known for its broad and varied selection of shopping opportunities. Antiques, locally designed diamonds and jewelry, furs, leatherwear and works in copper, silver and gold are but a few of the upscale products for which Tel Aviv is well known. Trendy boutiques feature the latest creations of renowned designers from home and abroad, side by side with small specialty and souvenir shops.
Art galleries and auction houses, distinct ceramics and Judaica both old and new, textiles, beachwear, and more - this too is Tel Aviv.
Shopping in Tel Aviv

If shopping the old-fashioned way is your pleasure, Dizengoff St., where the northern section has been transformed in recent years as a center for designer fashion, still has much to offer; so does Kikar Hamedina, in the city’s old North, one of Tel Aviv’s most exclusive shopping areas, with a cosmopolitan ambience. For those in search of a more expensive memento of Israel, the art and antique galleries situated in the alleyways of Old Jaffa, are a joy. This is also a wonderful strolling and window shopping area.
Shenkin and Bogashrov streets - Tel Aviv’s Soho districts - full of designer shops with current fashion for youth, as well as accessories, jewelry, and more, may also draw interest from avid shoppers, while shops on Ben Yehuda Street offer top-quality merchandise, including leather goods, carpets from around the world, antiques and interesting souvenirs, and some that specialize in Judaica. Juidaica and Jewish ceremonial objects and accessories are also found near Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue, on Allenby St.
The Nachlat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall, an old section of the city, which was renovated and gentrified in recent years, is a place to see and be seen. Packed with shops and outdoor cafés, it features some of Tel Aviv’s most beautifully restored old architecture. Look for the Bauhaus style in particular. Twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, Nachlat Binyamin turns into an arts & crafts street bazaar. Craftsmen showcase their original works and you are certain to find special ceramics, leather goods or jewelry trinkets and souvenirs. To gladden the time even more, mall entertainment is provided by street musicians, clowns, magicians and mimes.

Shopping in Tel Aviv

One particular “must” for shopping aficionados - and who isn’t ?! - is Old Jaffa’s Shuk Hapishpeshim (flea market), at the entrance to nearby Jaffa, southeast of its prominent Turkish clocktower. During the daytime, a few hours spent there will reveal a colorful cross-section of humanity and a fascinating hodge-podge of (mostly) second-hand merchandise of every type and description. This is one place where bargain-hunters will have a grand time, and antiques and knick-knacks can sometimes be scooped up for a song.
Restaurants, cafés and bars have opened in the market area in recent years, transforming it into a venue for nighttime enjoyment as well.

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