Outdoor Venues & Special Requests

Outdoor Venues & Special Requests

For prestigious groups like incentives, the Municipality of Tel Aviv is always willing to lend a hand. Promotional material can be made available at no cost to the organizers, along with maps, pins of the city and other aids and giveaways. Municipal halls and other facilities may also be offered as a site for a reception or other event. In addition, it can plan activities for delegates and accompanying spouses, such as trips, folklore evenings and receptions in unique settings, and it also can even arrange for sites and shops to remain open by request. For large groups, events like a municipal folklore presentation, youth band or similar activity may be arranged at no extra cost. In certain special cases, a meeting with the Mayor or other high Tel Aviv official could be coordinated too.
Also, the Municipality will always be willing to help - if need be - in setting up that special meeting, or securing that innovative venue in the city for the theme party of a lifetime. Options include the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Kedumim, Square in Old Jaffa, or a hangar in the Old Jaffa Port or the Tel Aviv Port, the Azrieli Center rooftop, perhaps even the city’s Zappari aviary. Some other possible venues - available not only for incentives, but for large gatherings of any type - include: the Wohl Auditorium in Hayarkon Park; Hapisgah Park in Old Jaffa, or Jaffa’s nearby Slope Park; Israel’s National Park, situated in Ramat Gan; the courtyard of the Suzanne Dellal Center;
the 19th-century winery in Rishon Lezion; Bronfman Auditorium; the Eretz Israel Museum; the Israeli Museum at the Yitzhak Rabin Center; the inner courtyard of the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, or any of the city’s major theaters. In addition, the Municipality, via its Global City Corporation, has expanded its roster of guided city tours with a choice of options to suit a wide range of interests and tastes, any number of which could serve as the basis for an interesting Tel Aviv-themed flight of fancy. These include:
  • Tours focusing on the old Templar Sarona Quarter. A dramatized tour highlighting some of Sarona’s stories and anecdotes, followed by a culinary event focusing on Sarona Market, Tel Aviv’s newest foodie
  • Neve Tzedek (Tel Aviv’s first neighborhood outside walled Jaffa) and the Hatachana Compound (a nightlife center built on the site of the Ottoman-period railroad that transported passengers between Jaffa and Jerusalem).
    Cocktail reception at the Suzanne Dellal Complex square in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv’s very first neighborhood outside of Jaffa, with entertainment amid the 19th-century buildings, with entertainment by fire-eaters, mimes, jugglers, portrait painters, tarot card readers and other street performers and artists, as well as by dancers of the Inbal Yemenite Dance Troupe based at Suzanne Dellal - followed by dinner comprising the various ethic specialties of the neighborhood’s early Jewish residents, and with the option of capping the evening at a pub in the Hatakhana compound).
  • A tour of the new innovation and entrepreneurship space in the Tel Aviv Public Library and a stop at a start-up company.
    Tel Aviv hi-tech theme party, with music and lighting in the same theme, complemented by a very-cutting edge culinary experience with private chef.
Outdoor Venues & Special Requests

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