Languages are another area in which Tel Aviv evinces an obvious advantage over many other leading conference destinations. Israel is the largest immigrant-absorbing nation on earth and the only country in history with success in reviving an unspoken language. Many talented, upwardly mobile immigrants gravitate to the Tel Aviv region, thanks to its cosmopolitan ambience, making it easy for Tel Aviv, with a population assembled from the four corners of the earth, to offer multi-lingual services in a wide number of fields, from secretaries that function perfectly in three or four languages to highly trained interpreters - on both a simultaneous and consecutive basis - able to work in almost any imaginable tongue.
Israel's PCOs have also chalked up years of experience in planning and implementing accompanying persons' programs, and special rates are generally available to partners of congress delegates. In many cases half-day and one-day tours are organized for accompanying persons during the sessions and special events may be scheduled, such as fashion shows, visits to sites of particular interest or relevance, meetings with local personalities, special viewings at some of the city's many museums, or shopping expeditions.
With the growth and development of its conference and exhibition infrastructure, complemented by the beach and the sea, a sophisticated urban metropolis on the move 24 hours a day, the richness of


cutting-edge research being developed by about 600 start-ups, original dining and vibrant nightlife, and more excitement and pleasure than you’ve had for a long time, Tel Aviv is the ideal venue for anything MICE. Add keep in mind: Since Israel is such a small country, being in Tel Aviv for a conference does not force you to miss out on all the attractions and beauty Israel itself can offer. PCOs and tour operators have amassed vast experience in designing pre-and-post-congress touring options, including pilgrimages, resort holidays, cultural site tours, water sports adventures and desert experiences, along with special interest professional tours relating to specific convention themes.

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