Incentive Experiences

Incentive Experiences

As a beachfront destination par excellence, but with a weave of exciting experiences that only a sophisticated urban venue can offer, Tel Aviv is ideal for programs that blend the best of two worlds - or even three, when taking the historical setting and theme opportunities of Old Jaffa and its seaport into account.
Until now most of Tel Aviv’s 14-km beachfront, with the exception of the port area, has been managed by the same municipal corporation. Now that the municipality has taken over ownership of the port area too, and it, the other parts of the beachfront and many of Jaffa’s main tourism sites will all be managed by the same corporation, the city is taking a more integrated and systematic to this entire area, and from a tourism perspective too.
Tourism inquiries for the entire Tel Aviv coastline, from Tzuk Beach in the North, to Jaffa’s Alia Beach will soon have one address in the municipality, making it much easier for those organizing and operating tours and events in the city to coordinate their activities. The reorganization is also being designed to help make Tel Aviv even more attractive than it is now to incentive groups, with thought being devoted to developing programs of interest to this market, such as a lighthouse to lighthouse event on the sea, between Tel Aviv Port and Jaffa Port, as the basis for a theme evening. The new beachfront cluster is but one of a number that are coming to redefine Tel Aviv.
Incentive Experiences
Incentive Experiences
Adorned with red-flowered trees, the Rothschild Blvd. area, running from Orchestra Square and the Bronfman Auditorium compound in the North, to where the boulevard points to Neve Tzedek with all its charms, is another, though of a different type. Rothschild is an urban “people experience,” a vibrant blend of neighborhood types: trendy young locals and their dogs getting together to socialize or take part in the kiosks’ lively pick-up scene; the elderly and the passersby resting on the boulevard benches; Hassidic Jews, living in harmony with their secular neighbors; housewives and children. In short, it’s a microcosm of local culture and humanity along one of Tel Aviv’s most favored streets. The section of Rothschild from Balfour St. southwards has been developing these past few years as a new focus for dining and nightlife in the city, with new pubs and specialty restaurants opening there all the time and the entire area is now spotted with boutique hotels. Tel Aviv-Jaffa has been endeavoring to make old boulevards like this much more inviting, with landscaping, benches and additional elements, transforming them into urban havens to hang out and mingle. Here, as well as throughout its parks, shores, main streets and commercial centers, the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa has set up hotspots for people to surf the Internet for free, day and night. The hotspots create a route passing along the coastline, south from the old Dolphinarium, to Tel Aviv Port and encompassing Bograshov and Dizengoff streets and Ben Gurion Blvd. Additional points exist in the Kedumim Square area in Jaffa, as well as at the Tel Aviv Museum and the Suzanne Dellal Center, and in Hayarkon Park.

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