Intriguing Incentive Events

Intriguing Incentive Events

Decide on an incentive in Tel Aviv and you can be certain that it will be done professionally, and with flair. Incentive travel is recognized as one of the most delicate segments of the country’s tourism industry, and one of the most demanding, but for the elite companies that specialize in motivation group travel, it is a rewarding experience and a challenge they’re willing and able to meet.
Incentive travel also brings out the best in Tel Aviv’s major hotels, whether they be under local management or are managed by renowned international chains that have been incorporating themselves into the city’s hospitality industry. The highest levels of consideration, service and attention to detail seem to take on a new meaning when a group of celebrated incentive winners is “in residence,” as properties strive to make each stay an occasion to remember and cherish, sparing no effort in transforming even the simplest of theme parties into an experience both innovative and memorable and making each incentive winner feel like a king, or queen. Hotels have the space and the experience to serve as a venue for just about any theme evening your group would like.
Intriguing Incentive Events

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