Tel Aviv Green Lungs

Green Lungs

Tel Aviv has labored untiringly in recent years to develop its parks and green areas. For a different view of the city, the rowing center and adjacent riverside café at Hayarkon Park in north Tel Aviv, or the 10-acre Rock Garden and Tropical Garden are inviting. The former, showcasing Israel’s geological diversity, is one of the largest of its kind in the world and also features over six acres of cacti and about 3500 species of plants. The fiveacre Tropical Garden is home to a rain forest-like micro-climate, complemented by a small lake featuring fish and swans, along with beautiful orchids and vines.
Maimadion, one of Israel’s largest water parks, is also located within the park, as is the Zappari Bird Park & Sanctuary and a petting zoo.
Jaffa’s verdant 50-acre Slope Park, stretching from Jaffa Port to the Aliya Hill neighborhood and fronting the Mediterranean Sea, was inaugurated a few years ago and is the latest major addition to the city’s “green lungs.” The park promenade serves as a fishermen’s wharf, a path for walkers and bikers and a lovely setting for pedestrians wanting just to relax on the benches and take in the view.
Flat in most places, Tel Aviv is a joy for bicycle riding enthusiasts, with both regular and electrical bikes available for rent and tours developed to take best advantage of this perch for sightseeing.

Green Lungs

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