Bauhaus and More

Tel Aviv is also a study in architectural fascination, not only because of its latest futuristic edifices, which have won praise from contemporary critics.
The architectural motifs of the medieval buildings in Old Jaffa’s port were further expanded under Ottoman and British Empire rule and then absorbed within Tel Aviv as the city began to grow. During the 1930s and hardly out of its teens, Tel Aviv was a stage for intensive development, with most of its architects coming from Europe and bringing with them the ideas of the modernist movement. They constructed what has become the largest and most impressive collection of Bauhaus architecture anywhere in the world, transforming parts of Tel Aviv’s central area into a source of beauty and even inspiration for those that seek out such aesthetic forms. Today, the city contains about 4000 building in the International Style, about 1100 of which have been earmarked for preservation - a project that is now beginning. The Bauhaus theme lends itself well for all sorts of events.
While a large percentage of the better-known Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv can be found in the neighborhood of Rothschild Blvd., these remnants of Tel Aviv’s architectural history are located in many areas of the city, in the vicinity of Dizengoff Circle, for example, where an interesting cluster remains.
A few years ago Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus areas, named the “White City” since most of these buildings were covered in light shades of plaster that complemented the city’s warm temperatures most of the year, were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Bauhaus and More

Elsewhere in the city, the campus of Tel Aviv University is also of fascination to architecture aficionados, and on a walking tour of the campus which the Association for Tourism Tel Aviv-Jaffa conducts every Monday morning (free of charge), visitors are introduced to buildings designed by eminent international architects, as well as to others ranging in style from Bauhaus to post-modernism to the neo-modernism of the 1980s and ‘90s.

Bauhaus and More

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