A Base for Touring

Sure, Tel Aviv’s great and we’re certain that you and your group will enjoy it to the hilt. Even so, it’s obvious that there are other attractions in Israel - the sights and sites of Jerusalem and the Galilee region, the Dead Sea and more - that will always appear on the “must visit” list of any tourist, especially those visiting Israel for the first time. Stay in Tel Aviv and just about everything Israel can offer is at your fingertips, a coach ride away.
Planning a day trip away from Tel Aviv in the framework of a city stay, is usually a procedure of elimination: what don’t we have enough time to see and do? Below is one core tour that may serve as a basis for planning your own group’s Tel Aviv stay.

5 nights based in Tel Aviv (& Vicinity)

Day 1: Arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport, to be met by local Tel Aviv resident hosts bearing personal gifts of their choosing. VIP lounge cocktail reception. Special immigration, luggage and customs clearance procedures. Travel to Tel Aviv individually, by host’s private car. Check-in at deluxe hotel.
Cocktails and seafood dinner in Jaffa.
Walking tour of Old Jaffa by night. Return to hotel.

A Base for Touring

A Base for Touring
Day 2: Israel buffet breakfast at hotel.
A day in Tel Aviv (according to interest, with private driver guides): the Diaspora, Eretz Israel and Tel Aviv Museums; Carmel Market; Gordon Street area art galleries; local Bauhaus architecture; and/or an architectural tour of the Tel Aviv University campus; visit to a local jewelry & diamond workshop; shopping.
Lunch at some of the city’s fine restaurants, depending on route.
Early afternoon rest break, followed by bus to Rishon Lezion (30 minutes) for a tour of the winery and wine tasting cocktail reception. “Pioneers of Israel” theme dinner & party at the winery.
Overnight in Tel Aviv.

Day 3: Early morning buffet breakfast at the hotel. Nearly one-hour drive by bus to Jerusalem.
Local welcome sign with your company name and logo at the entrance to the city. Drive to the Old City of Jerusalem and a tour of the Via Dolorosa, leading to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and/or the Western Wall & Temple Mount areas (1-2 hours). Travel by coach to Bethlehem, in the Palestinian Authority, conditions permitting. (About 45 minutes).
Tour of the Church of the Nativity (1/2 hour). Lunch in a Bethlehem restaurant. (Optional meeting with Palestinians). Return to Jerusalem for short tours of Israel’s new Supreme Court building and the nearby Knesset - Israel’s Parliament. Meeting with an Israeli government leader Cross the road to the Israel Museum to view the model of the city of Jerusalem as it looked 2000 years ago, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, housed in the Shrine of the Book.

Optional visits:
A. The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial (one hour).
B. The Mea Shearim quarter, for a glimpse of traditional Orthodox Jewish life as it was lived in pre-World-War-II Eastern Europe (1/2 hour).
Return by coach to Tel Aviv. Cocktails at the hotel, followed by dine-around options: choice of French, Moroccan, Italian, steak, seafood, fusion, Arabic, Mexican, Russian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Jewish, etc. restaurant. Return to hotel.

Day 4: Late wake-up champagne breakfast, followed by a choice of:
A. A day by the Mediterranean Sea;
B. A company tennis tournament at the Ramat Hasharon Tennis Center.
C. Any additional activity not experienced on day 2.
D. Ticket for the Tel Aviv & Jaffa City Bus Tour (in an open-top bus - to get on and off at any of 26 stations in the course of a single day, as the bus passes through some of the major tourism areas of the city, with commentary via a sound system, in English Russian, Hebrew, French, German, Italian and Spanish).
Return to hotel for rest.
Evening Yemenite Quarter experience:
Dinner and a Yemenite full-dress “hina” engagement ceremony at a local Yemenite restaurant, with ethnic entertainment.

Day 5: Flight check-in at hotel, and coach to Ben Gurion International Airport for flight home. If there is time for an additional day tour, it might well be to the Galilee. For example: Early morning Israel buffet breakfast at Tel Aviv hotel. By coach to Nazareth for a short tour of the city, stepping off at Caesarea or Sepphoris on route (3 hours). Continue to Tiberias. Reception and welcome ceremony featuring free-fall parachutists over the Sea of Galilee, carrying company banner. Beginning of Around the Sea of Galilee tour.
The route covers all the major Sea of Galilee vicinity sights and sites: Tiberias; Kursi; Capernaum; Mt. of the Beatitudes, etc. Lunch provided at a restaurant along the route. (3-4 hours).
Route ends at the Tiberias Hot Springs, with cocktails and an opportunity to use the facility’s spa. Evening St. Peter’s Fish dinner cruise on the Sea of Galilee. Return by coach to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is extremely accessible from almost anywhere, with direct flights into Ben Gurion International Airport arriving from Europe, North America and a growing number of other destinations around the globe. Overland travel from Egypt or Jordan is also a viable option. In addition, most tour operators offer a wide variety of programs for those interested in multi-destination tours.
A Base for Touring

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