For lovers of the performing arts, there is much to sample in Tel Aviv. After sunset, when visitors return to their hotel rooms, bathed and tanned from the sun drenched beaches and swimming pools, it is time to think about the evening's entertainment. In addition to a marvelous array of restaurants and night clubs, Tel Aviv is blessed with first-rate performance options.

The world-renowned Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO), presided over by Maestro Zubin Mehta, is the country's premiere musical institution. It is based at the Mann Auditorium at the eastern end of Dizengoff Street. Adjacent to the Mann Auditorium, is "Habimah," Israel's national theater. Over the years Habimah has staged an eclectic mix of classics and world drama translated into Hebrew, as well as the best works of Hebrew playwrights. Simultaneous translations into English enable visitors to enjoy the richness of Hebrew theater. Simultaneous translations are also offered by the Cameri Theater.

Drama buffs may also enjoy "Yiddishpiel," the country's only professional Yiddish repertory theater, which is based at Tel Aviv's ZOA House. For many of its performances simultaneous translations to Hebrew and English are available. One other troupe of note, the Gesher Theater Company, based at Jaffa's Noga Theater, is comprised of a mixed group of Russian immigrants and native-born Israelis and has become the latest "darling" of the Israeli stage-loving public. For all of Tel Aviv's theaters, large groups booking performances in advance will be able to request simultaneous translation into any number of languages.

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